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Under The Pink

Under The Pink
Under The Pink
Pretty Good Year
Bells For Her
Past The Mission
Baker Baker
The Wrong Band
The Waitress
Cornflake Girl

This extraordinary album was quite different from its predecessor, Little Earthquakes. It was finally titled Under The Pink , after another title—God With A Big G—was contemplated and rejected.  Propelled by the early January release of the anxiously awaited new single Cornflake Girl, Tori went straight to number one in the UK. The album was recorded in New Mexico and Los Angeles; strings were added in Los Angeles and mixed in London. 


1. Pretty Good Year
2. God
3. Bells For Her
4. Past The Mission
5. Baker Baker
6. The Wrong Band
7. The Waitress
8. Cornflake Girl
9. Icicle
10. Cloud On My Tounge
11. Space Dog
12. Yes, Anastasia