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Scarlet’s Walk

Scarlet’s Walk
Scarlet’s Walk
Amber Waves
a sorta fairytale
wampum prayer
don’t make me come to Vegas

Scarlet’s Walk was Tori’s seventh solo album and marked her Epic Records debut. The album is a sonic novel of sorts which takes the listener on an aural journey of America’s recent and not-so-recent past. As the story moves from coast to coast, questions are asked and notions are challenged with each song representing a specific stop along the way. Scarlet’s Walk was self-produced by Tori and recorded in Cornwall, England. Scarlet’s Walk was also a key to an entire online bonus world at the last web site incarnation, entiltled Scarlet’s Web. By inserting the disc in your CD-Rom drive, exclusive content was unlocked for owners of the album.


1. Amber Waves
2. a sorta fairytale
3. Wednesday
4. strange
5. Carbon
6. Crazy
7. wampum prayer
8. don’t make me come to Vegas
9. Sweet Sangria
10. your cloud
11. pancake
12. I can’t see New York
13. mrs. jesus
14. Taxi Ride
15. another girl’s paradise
16. Scarlet’s Walk
17. Virginia
18. gold dust