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from the choirgirl hotel

from the choirgirl hotel
from the choirgirl hotel
Black-Dove (January)
Raspberry Swirl
Jackie’s Strength
Liquid Diamonds
She’s Your Cocaine

from the choirgirl hotel was released in the UK on May 4, 1998, one day earlier than the US. This was Tori’s fourth solo and self-produced album. The first single from this album was Spark, and was one of the more radio-friendly songs to date. This album showed Toriís more experimental side, toying with techno loops and classic rock rifs. The second single in many European markets was Raspberry Swirl; though in the US, the second single was Jackieís Strength. The third single in the US was Cruel/Raspberry Swirl. The 4th single in the US was a remix single featuring remixes of the songs Jackieís Strength and Father Lucifer. This was the first album that Tori recorded at her home studio in Cornwall, England.


1.  Spark
2.  Cruel
3.  Black-Dove (January)
4.  Raspberry Swirl
5.  Jackie’s Strength
6.  i i e e e
7.  Liquid Diamonds
8.  She’s Your Cocaine
9.  Northern Lad
10. Hotel
11. Playboy Mommy
12. Pandora’s Aquarium