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Boys for Pele

Boys for Pele
Boys for Pele
Beauty Queen/ Horses
Blood Roses
Father Lucifer
Professional Widow
Mr. Zebra
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Muhammad My Friend

Boys For Pele was released on January 22nd in the UK, January 23rd in the US and February 25th in Japan. The album reached number 1 in the UK and number 2 in the US. The first single, Caught A Lite Sneeze preceded the album by three weeks. Boys For Pele was the first album that Tori produced herself. Principal recording was done in a church in County Wicklow, Ireland and in a rented house in County Cork, Ireland.  The remainder was recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana.


1. Beauty Queen/Horses
2. Blood Roses
3. Father Lucifer
4. Professional Widow
5. Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix)
6. Mr Zebra
7. Marianne
8. Caught A Lite Sneeze
9. Muhammad My Friend
10. Hey Jupiter
11. Way Down
12. Little Amsterdam
13. Talula (The Tornado Mix)
14. Not The Red Baron
15. Agent Orange
16. Doughnut Song
17. In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
18. Putting The Damage On
19. Twinkle